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Written by Patrice   
DON'T TRUST ANY THAI PEOPLE WANT OFFER YOU A SPECIAL DEAL  ON THE STREET  ...............TOUK TOUK DRIVER PROPOSE 10 BAHT RIDE DON'T TAKE IT ...especially arround KaoSan road and arround Temple.In country of smile there are also some bad people who want only your money ..there are some trap you can avoid once you read the following.In Bangkok if some guys polite well spoken english or even any other language who tell that today it's special day becuse no tax on Diamonds or on any jewellerys ..don't believed them ..most of the time they said that birthday king so Temple are close, sometime they put some foreign people who speak your language to put you on confident  Please don't Believe those guys even if they well educated and well speake English !!! There also many drivers of ToukTouk who if they propose you to show you all temple and king Palace for 10 baht each people !! it's becuse he want actually bring you on some shopping where de salerman are kind of agressif to sell you any clothes or jewelleries .. !!!!  even smiling driver don't go !!!  ....Most of the trap are start on the street or bar they ask you where you from try to smile with you give you some flatering to work on put themself friendly then they get your confidents and the deal arrive ..if it's appens go away .......For shopping Bangkok there are enough real place to buy at good price as Weekend market , MBK, Siam Paragon, World Central Plaza etc...............................................BUT THESE ONLY FEWS BAD PERSON !!!... THAI PEOPLE ARE NICE AND KIND VERY FRIENDLY SO KEEP SMILLING TOO especially when they don't understant you cuse of poor english spoken ....Patrice.
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